Ancient Writings


I wrote “Battle” after Sunday morning service. At that time in my life I was going through my divorce. The decision that loomed over me was to get a lawyer and fight. I became poetic, and wrote out my heart. A lady asked if she could pray for me, I handed her what I’d written. I think the look on her face told all. She was horrified. Took me literally maybe?

A Wife.

I wrote ‘A Wife’ in the final days of my first marriage.That’d be around 1995

General Instructions

In and around 2000 I use to sing a song when driving ‘not in service’ (NIS) in an empty bus. I was just being silly at the time, but I realized the words were coming from a deep hurting place within me. Part of my NIS route took me through First Nations land, and my heart always hurts for these people whose land and way of life was invaded so long ago. The song, I think, is about my first marriage and our children, and the two broken people that we’d become.

Where’s Jesus

I wrote a piece for a church newsletter one Christmas. I was seeking a relationship with God described in my ‘Music’ upload. I remember the editor of the newsletter ever so carefully going about the task of talking to me about what I’d written. He called me a seeker, referring to me in a then in vogue way of speaking about non-believers who were on their way to knowing Christ. Pre-Christian some might call it.

I never want to be a person who isn’t seeking Jesus.

I was grappling with the materialism of Christmas.

Dreaming (a Song to my wife, Cheryl)

My wife Cheryl battles with Anxiety. There’s been many times where we’ve ‘clicked’ but many times where I just couldn’t tell her what’s on my heart. This piece I wrote envisioning what it would be like to walk along a path unloading all that stands between her and I being truly heart-to-heart.

My favourite poetry of all time is The Love Song of J Alfred Prufrock by T S Elliot. Dreaming was inspired by that poem.