Today’s Daily Prompt, desert,  got me thinking. First off I wondered if the photo was a red herring, since I can never remember the difference between what you eat after a meal, dessert and a barren, arid land mass, characterized by hot sun and a lack of drinking water, so maybe that’s what the powers that be a WordPress were up to!

Google helped me there, so far so good, we’re talking about the dry wasteland type.

But as I pondered what comes to mind when reading the word desert, I realized I’ve never thought of why there are deserts in the first place. So that would be a good avenue of study to relieve my boredom. I know that Bogs are necessary for the environment. But my knowledge is only scattered bits here and there. The area of the world I live in we have bogs, not deserts. All I know about them is that they are home to many plants, animals, insects… and probably many more life forms, that each contribute to the delicate balance of nature.

Maybe it’s my age, but more and more I want to know what God had in mind when he created the various parts of creation. A desert seems to be nothing but a waste of space. I Googled… and found an article with the why answered in terms of cause/effect. Its rather obvious that if you don’t believe in a creator, that this world is here by chance, that ‘why’ anything takes on a different tone.

And perhaps you’ve noticed that my research is Google deep. If a fact hasn’t surfaced on the searchable world wide web then I won’t come across it. Googling for a diagnosis is ridiculous. It makes me wonder what Schopenhauer would have had to say about it. This question will be added to my list of things to ask those that know whenever I happen upon them in my travels.

Tangent much? Yes, yes I do.

Being a poetic type deserts furnish a vivid allegory of survival when resources are scarce. What kind of life forms are sustained in any given environment? My mind goes easily to the stories in the Bible about the Wilderness. It’s where a barren soul meets God, and goes back to the people on God’s behalf.


One thought on “Barren

  1. In grammar school I was taught a simple way to remember the difference between desert and dessert. Strawberry shortcake is a dessert. Strawberry shortcake has two “ss” and dessert has two “ss”. I never forgot that. 😀

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