“Where two or more…”

I awoke today, the first day of yet another week of holidays, and my prayer has been that God would help me to “redeem the time” . . . I’ll have to explore that phrase soon, it’s a shorthand way to say that I don’t want to waste my time.

I awoke, made my coffee, and opened my phone as is my habit, and there on my Facebook stream was another entry in Ken Peter’s Blog. My response to his words was a welcome welling up of passionate overwhelming infilling of God’s spirit. Tears, and the little boy set free from the pretentious poser man that must carry him around his daily to-dos, runs madly around the house. I am a little boy, and God is my father, and these are my brothers and sisters in Christ. I eagerly await the sound of the Father whistling so that I can run home!

I wrote a writer the other day and amoung other things I told him that I don’t think of myself as a writer, but that I just can’t help but write. I’m driven to ‘put to paper’ what God has laid upon my heart.

It’s like a delivery of much needed provisions. I just can’t help abandoning straight-forward talk and enter the poetic. I’m on a journey. I have found time and again, that sharing these moments whether on purpose or by accident, that I’ve inspired others.

Ken has once upon a time told me a shocking thing. And I’ve never forgotten it. That God’s work in and through us isn’t just about our deliberate attempts at ministry. In fact, it isn’t our deliberate attempts at all. The more we escape the deliberate the more we advance into the freedom of walking in the Spirit.

Today isn’t the first time, nor the last I hope, where his heart on the page has inspired me and sent me to the Father’s presence.



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